New Features Are Shipped into CS:GO!

Posted on 04/06/2017 by admin

There are two weapons, including the Negev and the R8 Revolver, that have been removed from Competitive Matchmaking, since the official community has made significant changes to both of them. Some new features are shipped to help players build their social networks when playing CS:GO.

For the Five Year Veteran Coin Holders, you have a chance to preorder a physical coin and add it into your collection.

Limited Exposure

Changes are made to the Negev and the R8 Revolver. From this moment, these weapons won’t be available in Competitive Matchmaking anymore. But you can play with them in impacting competitive games.

The Negev

This weapon received a rework that is more significant and traits that you are able to take advantage of promoting the enemy. In conclusion, the shots of the Negev settle over time into a controllable beat that is deadly.

The R8 Resolver

The official community has reduced the firing delay significantly. At the same time, this weapon still has the same shot with great mobility and high power.

Five Year Veteran Coin

If you received Five Year Veteran Coin in the inventory, you are able to preorder a physical version of the collectible coins.

The Collectible Five Year Coin consists die cast zinc alloy and comes in wooden display box with a closure that is magnetic. Display it in the standalone that is included acrylic display stand or box that is ready to hang on the wall.

Building Relationships

You can join your friends and make friends with others. You are able to get more info about incoming and outgoing friends through the Friends Panel on the Main Menus, along with the teammates that you played with recently.

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