Top 5 Skins in “Customer Grade” (1/2)

Posted on 04/27/2017 by admin

Usually there are many CSGO skins are from their rarity and grade. But actually half of the deals are done due to the skins appearance. If this is also your main concern, not taking rarity and grade into consideration, so you may choose cheap skins, and this is Eco Round’ goal.

According to quality that makes skins easiest to gain in CSGO, the weapons’ lowest tier in CSGO is Consumer Grade skins. Certainly some exceptions exist like UMP-45, which is Caramel skin, from the Assault Collection, have never dropped. Due to this not its garish look, this skins remains as one of the most expensive skins in CSGO.

Consumer Grades usually oddly named because that they have muted camo patterns and earthtone palettes, military things. This is why most skins looks boring and pretty dull and a few skins can stand out.

We listed the top 5 Consumer Grade Skins with best look for you. The prices are from the 30 days average of CSGO Analyst on April 27. Today, we will reveal two of them.

P250 Boreal Forest

Factory New Price – $0.17
Minimal Wear – $0.03
Field Tested – $0.03

This skins is featured in a forest camo that is functional throughout the whole gun body, with certain colors on slide stop, the take down lever, magazine release, trigger and clip. even there are no forest maps for this skin in the Active Duty rotation, if you happen to get another Boreal Forest skin, it will pair well.

UMP-45 Indigo

Factory New – $2.45
Minimal Wear – $0.23
Field Tested – $0.10

This skins is not winning with beauty pageants, because its appearance is a simple navy two tone color scheme with blue and black. But this scheme fits into a themed load out.

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