Top 5 Skins in “Customer Grade” (2/2)

Posted on 05/03/2017 by admin

Last time, we have introduced 2 skins of top 5 customer grade skins for you guys. Today, we will reveal the next 3 skins. The prices are from the 30 days average of CSGO Analyst on May 3rd. Hope that you can like them.

Five-SeveN Forest Night

Factory New – $0.14
Minimal Wear – $0.03
Field Tested – $0.03

This is another mixed blue skin. Although this skin is more closer to the American Navy’s blue camo than the police’s blue, its slide applied the camo primarily.

There are not any more skins of Forest Night in CSGO and this blue is lighter than the aforementioned UMP-45 Indigo or the Guardian skins.

Five-SeveN Contractor

Factory New – $3.18
Minimal Wear – $0.28
Field Tested – $0.12

This skin can’t be more simple. It has been used two-tones colors of tan and black. This skin is perfect for all paramilitary excursions in the desert, or when you play on Mirage or Dust 2.

This skin can’t be sent back even at the condition of Factory New and has a scuff mark that is very big at the barrel’s front-side. You can simply confirm that this skin was used to pistol whip a T, which comes too close.

Tec-9 Urban DDPAT

Factory New – $0.18
Minimal Wear – $0.03
Field Tested – $0.03

This is another kind of camoflage skin. DDPAT is short for Digital Disruptive Pattern that can be used for the pattern that is pixelated, which covers the whole gun body. This skin doesn’t present this pattern but only applied some stark contrast to the barrel shroud’s charred end.

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