Top 5 Worst Convert Skins in CS:GO (1/2)

Posted on 05/18/2017 by admin

Before several weeks ago, we have shared an article about the top 5 Consumer Grade skins with you guys. Today we will share the top 5 worst convert skins.

Glock-18 | Wasteland Rebel
Factory New – $13.89
Minimal Wear – $10.88
Field Tested – $8.80
An ideal option for that daily edgelord, the Wilderness Rebelis ‘KILL THEM X’ graffiti shouts adolescent worry significantly more than post apocalyptic battle.

AWP | Lightning Strike
Factory New – $64.92
Minimal Wear – $71.24
This maybe the most contentious skin. There are some pros that use this skin, which is an homage to the AWP firing’ thunderous sound. But as you know, this skin is still one-dimensional and boring.

AUG | Chameleon
Factory New – $2.68
Minimal Wear – $1.83
Field Tested – $1.52
Although as the graphic skins’ fan, the chameleon still can’t persuade me that it is one deserving of the Covert designation. The chameleon stands out and is really bright, but this not happens on other skins. The language is probably a play about the crimson stripe demonstrated on top of the AUGUSTis range. However, the skin overall seems bare.

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