Top 5 Skins of Rare Gun

Posted on 06/13/2017 by admin

For most skins in CSGO, the wear condition and rarity of the skins are the main concerns of players.

As you know, there are various skins in game, depending on what you open from the case. For instance, the Hyper Beast, like some certain skins, plays off the physical characteristics of the weapon. It takes an indiscriminate approach when designing the random pattern.

Dutch showed the movement of M4A1-S | ICARUS FELL.
Factory New – $53.11
Minimal Wear – $51.96

A single skin’s multiple variants is the result of randomization, with few things that are looking cooler than their RNG sisters and brothers. In some cases, tremendous value can be added by specific skin patterns.

Today we will share the one of the top5 rare gun with you guys. Hope you like it. Prices are taken from CSGO Analyst.

P250 | Crimson Kimono
Factory New – $0.58
Minimal Wear – $0.28

Although it is no use to record a video for this skin, but the P250 Crimson Kimono is better than your standard fare.
The version of Full Red is just the whole top portion that the gun is covered with red pattern. With it, the market value gain can be net for you. The average price of this skin is under 1 dollar.

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