Operation Hydra Case (1/2)

Posted on 06/15/2017 by admin

Hydra features some fun game missions and modes, and a new case as well.

You can get known of the rarest skins that may be opened from Operation Hydra case.

The prices of skins are taken from CSGO Analyst.

Five-SeveN | Hyper Beast
Factory New – $84.05
Minimal Wear – $37.19

As one of the most recognizable skins series, Hyper Beast is notable for its M4A1-S and AWP renditions. Now, Five-SeveN has been stamped.

The design of this skin are not only with a chaotic mash of vague alien teeth and flesh. You can have a look at the use of the trigger, the tongue of the beast, and the Hyper Beast M4A1-S. This is definitely a skin that you must have.

AWP | Oni Taiji
Factory New – $74.73
Minimal Wear – $59.60

This is the first Cover AWP skin from the Falcion Case to Hyper Beast with almost two years. As one of the skins that are from Japanese culture, the Oni Taiji shows an Edo-period depiction of a demon and samurai, and seigaiha on the scope as well.

We will reveal the rest rare skins in Hyper case tomorrow.

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