Operation Hydra Case (2/2)

Posted on 06/20/2017 by admin

Today we will reveal three skins that you may can get from Operation Hydra Case. Prices are taken from CSGO Analyst.

M4A4 | Hellfire
Factory New – $27.87
Minimal Wear – $19.11

A piece of graffiti that is playful is featured and sprayed onto M4A4. With fire and skulls on the inventory, there is a cartoon devil on the receiver, and the tail of the receiver extends through to the fore grip. There are letters that are stylized and starts from the clip to the receiver, which said “Welcome to Hell”.

Dual Berettas | Cobra Strike
Factory New – $7.24
Minimal Wear – $5.20

This skin can be named as one of the most creative skins in the game. The barrel is covered with a vital swishing full of venom with bright green. Hissing cobra on the grip is another design point. But the rest details of the gun tend to a cohesive skin theme.

Galil AR | Sugar Rush
Factory New – $7.28
Minimal Wear – $5.31

This skin seems more suitable in Spectrum Case, in which some skins with a purple and pink color palette. On this skin, an odd mix of various patterns on different guns parts all go together somehow. There are some notable details, including the tic-tac-toe game on the fore grip, and bunny doodle on the stock extension.

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