What happened to CZ75-Auto?

Posted on 06/22/2017 by admin

Some players already know the recipe for making a gun that is broken in CSGO gun plus accuracy, plus lots of damage, cheesy nonsense, equals broken.

At a lot of points in the history of CSGO, many weapons own the title of the most broken in the game for a period, as well as the humble CZ75-Auto.

How it works
Let’s see the equation. Although it is nerfed, the CZ75-Auto is still able to kill an opponent that is armored with a headshot. When this skin is connected in else place, it can’t be so powerful. Just leave it alone, you are bound to hit something. This weapon owned a ridiculous rate to fire, and it is designed to be outstanding at combat of close-quarters, which is a real pray and spray tool.

Regard gun damage as a triangle in CSGO. You are able to have two of rate of fire, damage or accuracy, but you can own these three. On great rate of fire and top of decent damage, CZ75 still has solid accuracy even without full auto, give it all advantages of a rifle or a SMG at part of the price.

The CZ75 only needs $500 with $300 kill reward. But it is worthy with great for rounds of low economy. All the CZ have all the upsides of AK-47 with $2000 less.

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